TEL AVIV, White City Tour

From Bauhaus to Start-Up, a stroll on Rothshild Avenue: This 2 hour guided Tel Aviv walking tour tells the unique story that started a little more than a hundred years ago. Since 2003 Tel Aviv has earned the title UNESCO World Heritage Site for its interesting Bauhaus Style buildings build on golden sand dunes as far as the eye could see. On hands and knees began the construction of a small garden neighborhood which was to become Tel Aviv.

Its the unique story of 66 families that came together with a vision to build a Jewish city in the land of Palestine and who laid the foundation for Israel’s present-day well-earned nickname: The StartUp Nation’s city. You will walk along Rothschild Boulevard and the surrounding streets in the steps of its first inhabitants, hear about their dreams, and feel the inspiration they left on the famous Bauhaus architecture, the society and the soul of this boiling city.