Christian Holy Land Tours

Follow the path of Jesus!

Rediscover the Bible by following the path of Jesus , venture around the Holy Land. visit the sites where the scriptures took place: The path of Jesus can be a personal journey to enjoy through your own eyes . The beauty of the hills He saw and preached on, the ancient streets His foot trod upon. You can walk in His foot steps, follow His path through Nazareth, Jerusalem, Capernaum and Bethlehem. Visit sacred churches and gardens where his foot trod. Go Where He walked. where He taught , where He healed , where He was crucified and where He rose again.

Visit some of the many Churches to commemorate Him, Christian Tours to Israel.

From the north the Holy Church of Annunciation in Nazareth where it all started. The wondrous mosaics will be a reminder of the wonder that started here with the announcment of the coming of the Lord by the Archangel Gabriel. The small pieces of the mosaics like the individual people of many lands create the beautiful picture of Christianity. Continue to Jesus’ birthplace, Bethlehem , Cross the Manger Square to the ancient church of the Nativity: Through the low doorway you enter into the quiet holy darkness of this sacred site. where thousands have come before to honor his name. visit the serene location of the church Mount of Beatitudes with its view across the sea of Galilee: Follow His path through the Via Dolorosa, stop at the stations of the cross to re experience His journey on that dramatic Friday. Proceeding to the church of the Holy Sepulcher with its overwhelming architecture , the interior a significant feasts for your eyes and souls christian tours to israel.

This was the end and the beginning!

Feel God’s vicinity on the shores of Galilee and the magnificent perspective from the Golan Heights, Israel’s bumpy northern area! On this three-day voyage through the Holy Land investigate the Galilee zone where Jesus spent the dominant part of His life and service. christian tours israel tours visit Biblical sites like Capernaum, Megiddo, and Nazareth as you take in the greater part of Israel’s characteristic magnificence. Be wonderment propelled by the grand nature stores and archeological sites in the Golan Heights. The grandness of this area will make them return for more.

This energizing one day visit gives a superb chance to tour the Bible descriptions in land Galilee for a quick and painless tour skills.Jesus spent his youthful life, go back so as to view the vestiges of the old temple where the lord tutor Capernaum, and other imperative sites throughout Jesus’ life. Christian Holy Land Tours if you just have a single and need to take a snappy voyage of holy book the Galilee, you can’t turn out badly with this holy bible highlights of the Galilee visit!.

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